Forced Circulation EvaporatorProduct Video

The Working Principle:

Forced Circulation (FC) Evaporator is different from those Natural Circulation Evaporators which use the Density Differ as the main drive force for circulation. Forced Circulation Evaporator uses Circulation Pump(s) to drive the circulation and realize the Heating and the Separation of Vapor and Liquid.


The Features:

1. The whole system design is Stable in Operation, low Energy Consumption. High Concentration Ratio and Forced Circulation Mode will facilitate the liquid with high viscosity perform easy to Flow and Evaporate and shorter time in evaporation;

 2. High Flexibility brings wide applicability for various products;

 3. Low Evaporation Temperature, suitable for the concentration of Heat Sensitive Materials;

 4. Forced Circulation makes the Materials in Uniform Heating, which can significantly prevent the Dry-Wall Occurring and also can significantly well perform High Viscosity Liquids.

 5. Suppressed Boiling prevents evaporation in tubes, reducing scaling and fouling

 6 .This equipment  can realize automatic production, intellectual system management, which is in conformity with GMP standard.

7. Can be designed into different technological process according to the different characteristics of the materials , also can according to different users' requirements equip with automatic control system.



It is widely used in the Wastewater Treatment from pharmaceutical, the Processing of Food, Chemical, Herbs Extraction and other Industries such as Dairy, Starch Sugar, Xylose, Ammonium Sulfate etc.