What Do We Do

SDI provides with a wide range of equipment products such as Evaporator, Filter (or Filtration System), Drying Equipment, Reactor, Crystallization-Tank, Fermentation-Tank, Multi-function Extractor, CIP Cleaning System and Tube Heat Exchanger etc. Till end of 2015, SDI had supplied equipment and engineering service to over 17 countries worldwide including Turkey, Russia, India, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Egypt etc.

SDI is not only an equipment manufacturer but also a specialist of equipment and process designing up to demands and as per specific process of customers so that the supplied equipment can well fit to realistic processing situation and come with a fine performance. Besides, SDI offers Engineering Solution such as Whole Line Design, On-site Commissioning, Debugging and Training, Full Process Know-How Transfer for Food Processing, Herbs Extraction and Industrial Water Treatment etc.