Juice Aroma ExtractorProduct Video

Sanda Industrial designs and fabricates Aroma (Fragrance/Essence) Extractor to obtain Aroma by using Distillation Method.  This kind of equipment had been widely used in Fruit Juice Producing lines to recycle the Aroma from evaporation vapor. It also can be used to obtain Aroma from herbs and flowers by operation in the same way.

Aroma Recycling Equipment is a system that condenses and purifies Aroma when heating and evaporating the materials. The system contains Feeding System, Heating Evaporation, Aroma System and Collection System.

After the Aroma Secondary Steam is condensed by the Aroma Condenser, the Condensate will be sent additionally to Aroma Distillation Column for Cyclic Extraction. The design of the Cyclic Piping will be beneficial to increase the concentration of the Aroma recycled. The heat of the Distillation comes from the Waste Energy of the system, so as to save cost. A 2-stage Condensor Design reduces the amount of Cooling Water supplied by Cooling Tower and meanwhile realizes the heating to Cloudy Juice. Rinsing Tower keeps Circulating Washing, can further recycle possible Aroma Residuals from the system.

The unique design of Distillation Tower Structure makes the Condensates fully contact with Mixed Vapor, Circulating Spray Washing and Heating help to achive high concentration Aroma; The Aroma Condensation System is designed in a compact structure with beautiful appearance and Installation Convenience.  The System runs in a High Effective and Energy Saving way which is also flexible and achieving high recycle rate.