Resin ColumnProduct Video

There are various factors contributing to the design of Resin Columns, including Resin Volume, Resin Swelling Coefficient, Liquids Properties (Corrosivity, Viscosity, Ion Concentration etc.), Back Wash Efficiency and Ratio of Height VS Diameter etc.

SDI has long experiences of design and fabrication of resin columns to various industries such as Fruit Juice, Sugar, Water Treatment, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Herbs Extraction, Bio-Diesel etc.We will supply standard resin columns as well as Customized Products that can better fit to the application situation and operation scenarios.



-----Water Purification

Softening, Boron Removal, Nitrate Removal, Ferry Removal, Organic Acid Removal etc.;

-----Food Processing

Fruit Juice, Honey, Starch Sugar, Amino Acid etc.;


NaOH, HCI, Phenol, Benzyl alcohol etc.;

-----Herbs Extraction

Grape Seed, Stevia, Licorice, Blackcurrant, Cranberry, Beat Red, Mint etc.