Fermentation TankProduct Video

Description of Fermentation Tank/Vessel

Fermentation Tank/Vessel (also as known as Fermentater) refers to an equipment used in the industries for microbial fermentation. The main body is generally a main cylinder made in all stainless steel and has volume from Hundreds of liters to Dozens of Thousands. Attention should be paid to the structure and rigor in design and processing. It can well withstand Steam Sterilization, has some operational flexibility and minimized internal accessories (in avoiding with Dead Angles/Corners) and also has strong Transfer Performance within Material and Energy, and shall be Easy For Cleaning.


Application Ranges:

Fermentation Tank/Vessel are widely used for facilitating the Fermentation of products like Yoghurt, Beer, Wine, Dairy, Amino Acid, Organic Acid, Beverage, Antibiotics and Fine Chemicals etc.



1. Online CIP cleaning, SIP sterilization (121 ° C / 0.1 MPa, subject to Customerization ).

2.Designed according to the sanitary requirements, the structure design shall be very user-friendly and easy to operate.

3. In appropriate Diameter Ratio, Customized Design with Stir, Cooling, Heating, Air-Breathing, CIP Port, Thermal Isolation etc. as per applications.

4. Inner Side Finish: Mirror or Matt Polish, Ra<0.4um.

5. Dead Angle Free.

6. Pressure and Temperature Design: As per specific applications.