Multi Effect EVPProduct Video

Features of Multi Effect Evaporator:

1. Reliable Structured, Convenient Operation and Compact Dimension.

2. The equipment is mainly composed of Heaters, Separators, Condenser, Water Collecting Tanks, Vacuum Unit and Central Control etc (adjustable as per application and demands).

3. The equipment can be in Full Automatic Control so that Accuracy and Stability can be realized and maintained.

4. Various choices of materials for the equipment, depending on customer requirements.

5. Both Steam and Hot Water are applicable for Heating (shall be per the applications).

6. CIP Applicable and blind Angle Free.

7. Re-use the 2nd Vapor which will reduce the Energy Cost per Product.


Evaporator Classification:

There are various kinds of classifications for the product, but normally the categories are

1. Film Falling Evaporator.

2. Film Rising Evaporator.

3. Forced Circulation Evaporator.

The design of Triple Effect Evaporator and the Classification Choosing shall be as per the specific Processing Application and the Processing Liquids' Properties.



Juice, Dairy, Starch Sugar, Organic Acid, VC, Sorbitol, Pharmaceutical, Pectin, Herbs Extraction, Xylose, Pigments, Fertilizer, Protein, Chemicals, Bio-Products etc.


We sincerely welcome your inquiries with specific application and demands. Customerized Design and Fabrication are acquirable and we are just professional and experienced about Customerization Delivery.