Reactor Vessels are widely used in industries like Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food etc.  Sanda Industrial has provided stainless steel processing Reactor Vessels to industrial scale and academic research laboratories level and industries of various kinds. Beginning with standardized pressure vessels for holding and dispersing solutions, SDI over the years, also offers special vessels, reactors, process vessels and complete turnkey integrated processing systems.SDI supplies with Standard Reactor Vessels as well as Customized Reactor Vessels for various applications and scenarios. 



Alkyd resin, Epoxy resin, Phenolic resin, Acrylic resin, Unsaturated polyster resin, Polymer resin.....

--------Glue/ Adhesive:

Hot melt glue /Adhesive, White glue, Silicon glue, PVC glue, PVA, PU glue....

---------Chemical Synthesis and Others:

Paint, Pigment, Latex, White emulsion and liquid glue and adhesive.